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                LocationHome > News > News
                Number Title Date
                1 Warm congratulations to marketing excutive Mr.Nie Pengju won the "2012 national labor medal" 2012-08-01
                2 The 10th anniversary celebrations of Keli 2012-08-01
                3 Keli held evening party to celebrate the 91th anniversary of the foundation of CPC (The Communist Party of China) 2012-06-29
                4 Keli passed the Electrolux annual audit of quality assurance system 2012-06-20
                5 Keli passed the Electrolux annual audit of "labor,health,safety and environmental protection" 2012-06-14
                6 The 9th session of the first board meeting & 2011 annual General Meeting 2012-03-30
                7 Department manager enlarged meeting 2012-01-29
                8 Appraisal Meeting of Annual Work 2012-01-10