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                Location£ºHome > News > Enterprise News
                Keli held evening party to celebrate the 91th anniversary of the foundation of CPC (The Communist Party of China)
                Author£ºCarrie Li  Date£º2012-06-29  Browse £º242
                Hunan Headquarter held the evening party to celebrate the 91th anniversay of  foundation of CPC on  29th June, 2012.  Deputy secretary of Party Branch of company, Mr. li wei  gave a speech in the everning party.  New party members, Han Yifang, JiangYi, Lei Wen took the oath on being admitted to the party.  Final chorus contest of "the brightest star"-song of enterprise, also held during the party. Meanwhile, dancing, singing, sketch, magic peformance, poetry reading, martial arts performances ect, all kinds of rich and colorful programs  offered up  present all staff a cultural and entertainment feast.