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                Location£ºHome > News > Enterprise News
                The 10th anniversary celebrations of Keli
                Author£ºCarrie Li  Date£º2012-08-01  Browse £º259
                The 10th anniversary celebrations of Keli was held in Xinli Hotel on 8th Sep,2012.The province,city leader Zen Keli, Wang Fangbai, Zou Jielong, Zhou Derui,Chen chenxi,County party secretary Zhang Changming, vice county party secretary & County mayor Wu Jupei attended the opening ceremony. Committee of the county,county of the national people's congress, government of QiYang County and the other leaders at the county, major leaders of related company,customers,guesters, leadership and employees of Keli also joined in the party. Celebration activity started with the song of "brightest star". With the theme of "keep improving,creat prosperity ", the activity lasted for more than three hours. The activity collected singing, dancing, magic performance, sketch, musical instruments and other types of programs. Keli also awarded the prizes to outstanding contributions at the 10th anniversary celebrations.